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Registration for the Festival

We will contact you after your registration. Please name at least four preferred teachers. Usually we should be able to comply with at least two, often three of your requests. Due to reasons of organisation we are not able to promise a lesson with a certain teacher.


No. Teaching Accommodation Meals All Concerts Price
G1 Guitar Yes Yes Yes 625 €
G2 Guitar No Yes Yes 480 €
G3 Guitar No No Yes 250 €
P1 Passive Yes Yes Yes 625 €
P2 Passive No Yes Yes 480 €
P3 Passive No No Yes 200 €


A registration to the 9th International MARTINEZ Youth-Guitar-Competition Iserlohn 2019 is possible
from Friday, February 1st, to Thursday, February 28th 2019

No. Teaching Accommodation Meals All Concerts Price
W1 Competition Yes Yes Yes 625 €

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Preferred teachers:

Alegrias Guitar Trio
Jorge Caballero
Eugene Cormier
Danielle Cumming
Duo Montes-Kircher
Pablo de la Cruz
Alfred Eickholt
Gerald Garcia
Thibaut Garcia
Frank Gerstmeier
Bruce Holzman
Hans-Werner Huppertz
Eduardo Isaac
Tom Johnson
Peter & Zoltan Katona
Dale Kavanagh
Thomas Kirchhoff
Lukasz Kuropaczewski
Minneapolis Guitar Quartet
Cuarteto Sensemayá
Stephen Robinson
Georg Schmitz
Ulrich Stracke
Augustin Wiedemann
Xu Bao

Alex Wang
Main sponsor of the Competition: Alex Wang (MARTINEZ Guitars)
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Zip Code, City: *
Country, Region: *
Phone: *
Age: *
Participate in:
Residence (if G1, P1):
Early arrival (2019-08-03):
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General notice - terms of agreement

The organizers of the Festival have the right to deny an application. In case of acception, the participant accepts the following rules of the festival:

  • The participant reads the presenter's messages/mails and accepts them.
  • Every participant has the right to receive 4 (four) individual lessons.
  • Any direct arrangements with teachers of the festival for more lessons during the festival are not allowed and violation will lead to immideate exclusion of the participant with no financial re-imbursement made.
  • The participant releases the International Guitar Festival Iserlohn, the organizers, their agents and employees from any and all claims, demands and causes of action on account of injury, illness, or loss, which may occur during the participation in the Guitar Festival.

  I accept the terms of agreement
  I agree that my details and data are electronically collected and stored according to the privacy policy

Here you can read the Privacy Policy


Account information:

Gitarren-Symposion / IKG
Bank name: Stadtsparkasse Iserlohn
D-58636 Iserlohn/Germany
IBAN: DE51 4455 0045 0000 1809 35

Please send the funds free of any! charges on our side!

In case of cancellation we cannot reimburse the 60 Euros application fee.

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