The new Iserlohn
Guitar Festival 2021

25th of July - 31st of July 2021

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with the 10th MARTINEZ-Competition

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You can participate in four different ways:

We will contact you after your registration. If you register to "Festival active" oder "Festival active and competition" please name at least four preferred teachers. Usually we should be able to comply with at least two, often three of your requests. Due to reasons of organisation we are not able to promise a lesson with a certain teacher.

Application fee in all variants: 50 Euro - will be offset against the total fee

  I accept the terms of agreement
  I agree that my details and data are electronically collected and stored according to the privacy policy

Here you can read the Privacy Policy.

General notice - terms of agreement

The presenters of the Festival have the right to deny an application. In case of acception, the participant accepts the following rules of the festival:

Account information:

Kultursymposion M
Bank name: Stadtsparkasse Iserlohn
D-58636 Iserlohn/Germany
IBAN: DE51 4455 0045 0000 1809 35

Seminare während des Gitarren-Festivals Iserlohn - hier mit Gerald Garcia

Main sponsor of the Competition: Alex Wang from MARTINEZ Guitars.